About us

about us

Safe Technology formed in October 2007 following circulation of images of minors portraying nudity. Proliferation of these images was being carried out by professional adults through email, CDs,  pen-drives, etc. Committee members from public & private sectors, church groups, AG’s office, the Police and others volunteered to meet regularly and devise actions to make a difference.

mission statement

By disseminating information through Schools, Media, Churches, Industry and Community groups the Committee hopes to raise awareness across the country regarding the real threats posed by negative aspects of new technology.

board members

Mr. M. Kennedy - Chairman (Int. School)
Ms. R. Pardiwalla (NCC)
Mr. J.C. Matombe (NCC)
Mr. G. Lebon (VCS)
Mr. D. Deltel (Cable & Wireless)
Mr. T. Servina (Cable & Wireless)
Mr. R. Laurence (Kokonet)
Mr. Jaro (Intelvision)
Mrs. L. Mayadas (SUF)
Mr. D. Karkaria (I.T. Consultant)
Bishop French Chang-Him (Anglican Church)
Father Tirant (Catholic Church)
Mr. I. Afif (SBC)
Mr. Bedier (Police)
Mrs. Raoul (Police)
Dr. G. Athew (Information Technology)
Mr. V. Hernandez (Information Technology)
Mr. A. Fernando (Attorney General)
Ms. M. Laubscher (Silkwater Graphics)
Mrs. J. Moustache-Belle (SBC)
Mr. D. Celestine (Min. of Employment)


  • To raise awareness amongst employers, employees, parents and children of the dangers of technology misuse.
  • To encourage organisations to implement policies that protect the employee and the company from technology misuse.
  • To encourage all schools to adopt and/or update policies that protect pupils and schools from technology misuse.
  • To revisit existing legislation and to update present laws where appropriate.


  • Media backed presentation of educational pack to Ministry of Education and Ministry’s endorsement of STC.
  • Media campaign – TV, print and radio exposure of STC’s purpose and key messages.
  • Employer Workshop and Draft Policy presentation.
  • Draft Policy presentation to Ministry of Employment.
  • Workshops and talks for parents and children groups at regional level.
  • Communication at every opportunity of existing legislation and penalties for law breaking.