Information for parents

guide for parents

Technology, such as cell phones, video cameras, Internet, and others are modern tools for finding information, keeping contacts with friends and running social net working. As parents make sure you discuss the risks of using the technology tools with your kids. Here are some tips:

internet safety tips for parents

  • Use the Internet as a family activity
  • Keep the computer in the living room rather than in a child’s bedroom
  • Don’t blame the child immediately if he/she receives or accesses something obscene; this may have been done accidentally.
  • Talk frequently to your child about his/her experience of being online.
  • Encourage your child to explain what he/she does and discuss any problems that come up.
  • Use filtering software to block or filter undesirable websites.

teach your children to chat and email wisely

  • Never give away personal details to strangers. Never respond to any online communication that makes them feel uncomfortable.
  • Never go alone to meetings with someone met online, or without telling an adult. Feel free to say no to such invitations.
  • If someone says or does something creepy block them and do not respond.

video/tv safety tips

Be aware that a video camera is not the only way to record a video. Cell phones also have video recorders.

  • Teach your kids to be respectful of the privacy of people when filming.
  • Videos should never make fun or ridicule another person; they should never show sexually explicit content, violence or illegal acts.
  • Talk to your kids about video sharing: whatever is posted on the web is basically permanent and it may have some legal consequences. Even if video is deleted there is a chance that it has been copied, forwarded or reposted.
  • Discuss the content of TV programmes with your kids.
  • Encourage them to talk about any programme that makes them uncomfortable.
  • Set rules on time spent watching TV and the type of programmes they should watch.

cell phone safety tips

Be aware of how youngsters make use of cell phones. Mobiles phones today have cameras & access to Internet that facilitate social networking.

  • Remind your kids that they need to know about who they text and talk with. Phones should be used to communicate only with people they know.
  • Teach your kids to never let other people film or photograph them in embarrassing or inappropriate situations (or vice-versa).
  • Turn off web access or filter it if you are concerned about access to inappropriate Web sites.
  • Encourage your child to tell you if (s) he receives unwelcome text messages, such as bullying or inappropriate sexual invitations.

general advice

  • Fix the rules and discuss with your kids the advantages and risks of using technology tools.
  • Teach your child not to give out personal information (such as name, age, address, phone number, Email address…) too freely.
  • Always encourage your child to tell you about anything that that upsets him/her.
  • If an email or text message is particularly disturbing or breaks the law, contact the police.
  • Be aware that emails, chat, cell phones and videos are easy ways to bully others: always be respectful to other people when using technology.
  • Encourage your kids to tell you if they receive any unwelcome message of any kind.
  • Don’t think of the internet or television as a babysitter.